EDAQS | Wilhelmina Models New York rated Triple A (AAA)
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Wilhelmina Models New York rated Triple A (AAA)

Wilhelmina Models New York rated Triple A (AAA)

Filed as MARS, News, Press Release

The MARS committee is pleased to announce that the calculation process for March 2014, effective on March 24th, has been completed successfully.

The first official and public rating has been assigned to one of the market-leading and most reputable modeling agencies , Wilhemina Models of New York.
Founded in 1967 by Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper, Wilhelmina Models New York, with their 40 plus years of excellence in the business, earned itself the top spot with an expected Triple A (AAA) and an internal outlook as “Positive”.
Wilhelmina New York, whose parental company Wilhelmina International Inc. is quoted at the stock markets (OTC:WHLM), was able to meet all requirements for a successful listing on the MARS, and subsequently, to offer full transparency to the digital automated quotation system.

All official ratings are currently available at www.mars.im/ratings/ and will be handed over to influencing and reputable fashion properties over the next weeks. The next official publication of a rating is expected to be in the first half of April.

*MARS ratings are based on an algorithmic process formulated by MARS. Each rating represents various data points that are collected, inputted and assessed by a highly specialized MARS committee . Please visit www.mars.im for more information on the MARS rating system, calculation process and FAQ.”