EDAQS | Who we are
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Who We Are

Creating Your Innovative System

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EDAQS was born out of the endeavor to provide more transparency and the best and most precise quotations in the age of digital information.
Founded in 2008 by a young team of finance, fashion and data experts, EDAQS has soon impressed the highest institutions of the world, including industry leaders and some of the most important governments.
Today, the EDAQS team is formed by a pool of international experts that is led by renowned scientists and analysts, who meticulously create and calibrate each of our systems with selected data experts and relevant industry connoisseur.
We have already created more than 50+ DAQ systems, solving problems in any imaginable industry and sector.
Our team operates from all over the world, with operative offices in Hamburg, Vienna, Mumbai, New York and Bratislava.
EDAQS offers its products to both, non-profit and commercial entities, and deeply supports any organization that creates global transparency such as Transparency International.



Supporting Partners